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Z pearl system solution ltd

Z pearl system solution ltd.

Provide professional payment services and electronic payment platform which develop various payment channels.


Online Payment

Inter-bank payment gateways provided by Z-Pearl can help account owners to transfer money from bank cards to online accountsdirectly Individual account owner can make online payments safely and conveniently,processing all types of online transactions easily. Enterprise users can enjoy the exclusive online money receiving and payment services, easily solving the problems of funds settlement.

POS Payment

Clients can utilize the bank cards to make the payment through the POS machine, then Z-Pearl receives funds on behalf of the clients and provides the cash flow system for payment and settlement. The use of POS is rather convenient, which is the most popular payment method accepted by end-users.

Mobile Payment

Mobile Payment enables users to pay for the selected commodities or services by simply using their mobile phones or laptops. In addition, this service enables payments processed without any geographical limitation; speed up the cash flow, allowing payments occurred at any place any time.

Investment management

In the field of financial investment, Z-Pearl provides the online payment and settlement services platform for Investment management, which has created a new era of fund payment. For the first time, users can make the payment online by providing the information such as bank card number, name, ID card number, dynamic password received through text messages for verification to the remittance bank. Transaction will be finished and the card will be bound. Then consumers can make the payment by utilizing the card bound before, the payment can be finished by inputting the dynamic code through text message.

SMS Gateway & Platform

Our SMS business is classified into two types: SMS Web and SMS API. SMS Web enables our customers to manage their online contact lists and messages sending without any software installed. The SMS Web is fast, convenient and safe and also, it supports the time setting and group message sending functions. Therefore, SMS Web is considered to be one of the most efficient tools for business marketing and communication. As for SMS API business, Z pearl system solution ltd. has its own professional programming team to process and support the SMS API connectionsfor different customers. Moreover, the team can also design and customize a personalized SMS program according to customers' requirements.

VoIP Gateway & Platform

Our VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocal) business can provide customers real-time voice services and SMS services at any place any time by connecting more than 200 countries worldwide. Being our customers, you can easily download the client end from Z-Pearl VoIP platform. With the account registration completed, you simply login your account to dial or recharge balance on it. In addition, our VoIP services can provide high-quality connection, convenient dialing and high extendibility which enable this service be one of our profitable business.


POS Acquiring

Z pearl system solution ltd. provides the most competitive profit policy for POS acquiring in the industry. Also we can support for a variety of flexible settlement methods as well as POS machine application and the simplified installation process. In addition, we provide professional business platform and service support to the service provider in order to help them develop their business. Besides, please kindly noted that if you are struggling to find business or investment opportunities, or you possess resources of potential customers and financial expertise, we will warmly welcome you to join us. For those who are already a business partner of third-party POS business, we are also looking forward to cooperating with you.

Online E-commerce Transaction

As for online selling industry, we provide online payment, transaction management, financial statements checking, settlement and other professional online payment solutions, which will be beneficial for you to reduce the risks of using cash, shorten the settlement period, speed up the refund rate, establish credit mechanism, reduce the cost of your marketing promotion.

Industrial Chain and Tangibles Trading

Aiming at the features of financial management, in order to satisfy customer's immediate response, unify the deployment of the POS and meet the needs of online and offline payment system and information flow, we offer a combined solution of POS acquiring and online payment, which has greatly improved the efficiency of financial management and capital operation.

Investment and wealth management service

Z pearl system solution ltd. can provide clients with professional financial payment solutions on the basis of low-rate and convenient payment and settlement tools supported by multi-banks and online development platform, which create a new era for Chinese funds payment.


International Credit Card

Z pearl system solution ltd. offers merchants all major card types including Visa/MasterCard, American ExpressM, JCB and UnionPay.


Direct access to Singapore's domestic direct debit (online banking) payment processing. Currently supports DBS Bank,United Overseas Bank and Citibank.


We provide direct access to Malaysia's domestic direct debit (online banking) payments. Currently supports Hong Leong Bank, Public Bank, CIMB.



Z pearl system solution ltd. is a financial payment professional with headquarter based in Hong Kong. With our professional teams, strong payment experience and innovative service concepts, we are able to provide wide-range comprehensive services which include but not limited to mobile payment, online payment, online investment and fund management, POS services, SMS business, VoIP, online shopping malls, etc, to our targeted market China and South East Asia As for our market visions, weaim to serve customers in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Macao and other countries in Southeast Asia, as well as customers in Asia-Pacific regions to help create their business solutions and provide fully support for their business development in the market. With our continuing maintenance programs and services quality monitoring mechanism, we are confident enough to guarantee our customers the quality of service and consumer requirement satisfaction since we attach highly importance to them.In order to cater for different types of customers, we also able to design and build up a specific solution according to customers' requirements for which makes us one of the leading e-commerce payment professionals in SouthEast Asia.


We have a complete service process and accident contingency operating facilities for customers through pre-sales consulting, product implementation and product maintenance with the service concept of "customer focus and people oriented" that sincerely to provide guaranteed professionalism and quality of services in order to solve all problems you encountered in trade, tourism and finance. Our team has strong techniques and solid experience in use of the safest and stable artificial intelligence technology and with rigorous testing programs that destined to provide a reliable, safe and stable solution for each customer in different requirements.

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Address : 9F., No.50, Sec. 2, Shuangshi Rd.,Banqiao District,New Taipei city,Taiwan

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